Audi RS Q8 „Goliath“ by Wheelsandmore

After BMW and Mercedes Benz satisfies customers with their X5M, X6M or the AMG models of the GLE and GLS types, Audi developed a 600hp flagship SUV with plenty of steam under the hood and is stirring up the trendy market with the already known V8 bi-turbocharged engine used with the Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga. Wheelsandmore has already dealt extensively with the engine in the development of the recently introduced RS6 program and is adapting the measures almost 1: 1 to the politically sympathetic “mild hybrid”. The last power level 5 then has nothing to do with environmental awareness and blasts over 1000 hp through the completely empty exhaust system. For the TUV relevant market the upgrade is limited up to 965hp, to all others Wheelsandmore offers 1010hp inside this grenade.

Power upgrades for Audi RS Q8

Increased performance through tuning box or electronic and mechanical components:
Leasing customers in particular are afraid of tampering with the standard electronics of a vehicle and prefer to use an easily installable variant, such as the Tec-Tronic tuning box from Wheelsandmore. The V-Max lock cannot be removed with this, but with 103 extra horsepower and an additional 100 NM torque at a price of 2,100 EURO you can have a lot of fun. With the box, the sprint time is reduced from 0-100kmh by 0.2 seconds down to 3.6s.

Stage 1:

Using classic software optimization, the Audi tuner generates 710hp and 920nm of torque from original (441kw) 600hp at max. 800nm of torque.
The price for the tuning upgrade is as well as for the piggyback computer about 2,100 EURO.

Stage 2:

In addition to the matching engine control, the Audi tuner installs a flap-controlled exhaust system from Capristo, which replaces the front and middle silencers for flow-optimized and acoustically relevant reasons. This upgrade results in an engine output of about 725hp and a maximum of 930nm torque.
Price for level 2 including assembly: 7,688 EURO

Stage 3:

Due to the lack of TUV approval, the exhaust system is no longer used and the tuner replaces the air duct and filter housing together with filters for optimized versions and implements modified intake manifolds. This upgrade to 786hp and 1060nm is available at a price of EUR 12,521.

Stage 4:

All components from described Stage 3 are supplemented by revised turbochargers. The series turbos receive larger turbine shafts, as well as a correspondingly modified compressor unit, reinforced axial bearings and larger-sized inputs.
This upgrade up to massive 965hp and 1250 nm also enjoys the blessing of the TUV regularies and is offered at a price of 33,529 EURO.

Stage 5:

Outside of every TUV standard, Wheelsandmore operates on Stage 5, which will probably only find its buyers in the export area but not in Germany. Everything that disturbs the modern EURO 6-d Temp and kills performance is replaced by empty pipes beginning from the turbochargers. Catalysts, gasoline particulate filters and all silencers other than the rear silencers will be replaced, resulting in magical 1010 hp with electronically limited torque of 1250nm.
Upgrade price: 41,933 EURO including assembly

24 inch wheels and tires for Audi RS Q8

Heavy car + big wheels = no multi-part rims from Europe possible

Wheelsandmore has been cultivating the production of multi-part aluminum rims known from motorsport for over 20 years and continues to inspire customers around the world with its individually manufactured alloys. With the RS Q8 only 24 inch wheels and tires are the best choice and as there are no raw parts available in Europe, the company need to craft monoblock wheels this time. But with a special machine Wheelsandmore is able to offer customers individual finishing options with a noble diamond-turned rim front at customer’s option. This means that not only any color finish can be ordered from Wheelsandmore, the wheel´s design can also be combined with a high-gloss bi-color front.

The wheel on the RS Q8 is called G-Logic and is available 10.5×24 inches wide on the front axle and 12.5×24 inches measuring on the rear mount. Vredestein supplies the tires in oversize 295/30/24 and 355/25/24.

Suspension for Audi RS Q8

The LowMaXX system allows lowering the original air suspension of the RS Q8 controlled by a smartphone APP and reduces the height on customer´s setup. Thanks to the plug-and-play connection the installation is extremely easy and the module if offered at a price of EUR 1,680.

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