Customer information about Covid-19

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear customers, traders and suppliers,

The current situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is stressful for all people and companies in Europe and is economically devastating.

We wish you all the strength and confidence that we will survive the crisis in good health and that the solidarity we have shown may even lead to a new WE?!

What we should understand is the fact that everything is connected to everything and that everyone is dependent on the other.

We need you as a customer and also as a dealer – now more than ever!

What options do we have as a company now?

Are you planning to convert your vehicle? Would you like ot buy new rims or a flap-controlled exhaust system or are you seeking for more power?

Due to the current situation, you are understandably unsettled and prefer to hold back desired investments in the event that …?

Are you also unsure that your investment could possibly be lost as a result of bankruptcy?

Our promise and our offer:

We are convinced that the crisis will be overcome and that everyday life will return.

That is why we offer all customers a 20% discount on all products from our range (except KW suspensions) when placing an order in times of the current corona crisis!

The estate is not tied to the execution of the work and services within year 2020!

Our warehouse is pre-financed and full, thanks to reserves and internal organization we are 100% able to act and deliver in times of crisis despite the circumstances!

Our current delivery times:

Rims 20-21 inches = 2-4 weeks (depending on color and surface)

Rims 22 inches = 6-8 weeks

Exhaust systems = 10-12 working days

Performance increases = 2-5 days

Why Wheelsandmore?

Our employees love what you create and do! The individual production of multi-part rims by hand is a matter close to the heart and a passion. Each consultant and financial juggler would recommend making “pure money” to outsource production to Asia in order to achieve higher margins.

But that’s not us, that’s what the name Wheelsandmore does not stand for today or in the future! Every day on which our team cannot convert hot rims or breathtaking vehicles is not a nice day!

We love our customers and what we manufacture and need your support!

Since every crisis also includes an opportunity, we at Wheelsandmore are already concentrating on the time after the crisis and promise you many new vehicle programs and a revolutionary product for this year.

Let us tackle the challenges ahead with common sense and the necessary awareness.

Sincerly your Sebastian Dohmen (CEO)