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  • Exhaust systems with valve flaps

    Made in Germany!

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  • Best quality

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  • High-End exhausts

    with remote controlled valve flaps

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Exhaust systems with valve flap control

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Hand-made valve flap exhaust systems 100% handmade in Germany

In addition to the possibility of hand-crafted exhaust systems for individual sports cars and super-sports cars, we offer for many models from Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Bentley, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Jaguar and Lamborghini , Maserati, Mercedes AMG and Porsche already perfectly developed exhaust systems. Almost all flap-controlled exhaust systems are ECE approved or are delivered with a TÜV parts certificate. This makes it possible to operate our exhaust systems in almost all European countries without any problem.

The starting point of the production of our exhaust systems is the laser-assisted measurement of the respective vehicle by means of a 3D laser scanner. We use the obtained data to develop the first prototypes, but only for simulation on the computer. All data required for the CAD software are cleared and exported accordingly. The next step is the virtual design of an exhaust system as the basis for the in-house pre-production.

Gradually, the optimum flow behavior of the exhaust system is determined on a high-performance performance test stand and the exhaust system is reworked for the highest accuracy, if necessary. All the findings of the coordination and further development then flow into the required data base for series production. We use only the finest 1.4828 stainless steel for the construction of the flap systems and since 2017 also we have been offering some systems made of ultralight Inconel 625.

Our constantly state-of-the-art production and highly motivated as well as qualified employees ensure the highest quality standards.

Certified according to DIN ISO and strictly according to our motto – handmade in Germany – the quality of the wheelsandmore exhaust systems worldwide is the same and enthusiastic affine customers around the world.

If you´ve got a special inquire or need an exhaust which isn´t listed in our exhaust range please don´t hesitate to contact us below!

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