Lamborghini Aventador S Tuning by Wheelsandmore

German tuning company Wheelsandmore launched their impressive conversion of actual Lamborghini Aventador S roadster and calls it S-Presso.

Power upgrade for Lamborghini Aventador S

Although the Lamborghini Aventador S is coming stock with 740hp and 690nm of torque Wheelsandmore thought about more…as usual. Remapping the software gained 785hp and 710nm of torque and combined with the lighter valve flap exhaust the total power of 800hp and 720nm was measured on latest dyno. The acceleration sprint is now finished after 2,8s

Forged center lock wheels for Lamborghini Aventador S

As there was no supplier in Europe being available to craft wider multi-part forged centerlock wheels the job needs to be done by experienced company Wheelsandmore. The guys crafted a special 10mm wider set with an overall carbonlook surface and lifts the Aventador S roadster to the next level. On the front the concave wheels are sizing 9,0×20 and on the rear 13,0×21 inches by using the approved Lamborghini Pirelli tires.

Valve flap exhaust for Lamborghini Aventador S

In case the sound of your Lamborghini Aventador S is too brave to you Wheelsandmore offers their solution with remote-able valve flaps to close and open the flaps whenever you like. A soundfile of the tremendous noise is hosted HERE

Suspension springs for Lamborghini Aventador S

With special suspension springs the Aventador´s height was lowered to achieve a more aggressive look and also a better handling. The lift-up function of the stock system was kept to avoid any underbody damages.

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