McLaren 720S Tuning – The Ultimeight Project – by Wheelsandmore

Wheelsandmore has been working on the portfolio of the British manufacturer since the production of the co-op supercar Mercedes McLaren SLR and continues development of exclusive tuning products for the super sports car manufacturer from Woking.
After McLaren launched the first independent model with their MP4-12C but wearing a slightly complicated title, McLaren nowadays refers to the engine performance in its nomenclature since the new sports car generation within the current McLaren 720S. With 720 turbocharged horsepower the solvent pilot gets an ingenious driving and fun machine situated between the sporty McLaren 570GT and the P1 Hypercar when the customer needs to choose between too good and too extreme and even to those who think that Lamborghini Aventador S, Ferrari 488 and Porsche GT2RS may have become too common.

Tuning / ecu upgrade for McLaren 720S

Wheelsandmore refines the latest model from the sports car manufacturer consistently with classic components to significantly improve the performance of the McLaren 720S.
The luxury tuner offers a power increasement in 2 different stages, which always requires a remapping of the control software. In Stage 1 the refiner optimizes just the mapping of the V8-biturbo engine and generates 50hp of extra power and an additional 80nm of torque. The German tuner changes the entire exhaust system with Stage 2 by using sports catalytic converters and an intelligent flap control in the stainless-steel mufflers. Combined with the software optimization the McLaren 720S is finally ready for 800hp and 880nm, which explains the term “ultimeight” by Wheelsandmore of course.

Suspension for McLaren 720S

To optimize the suspension the tuner makes use of the advantage that the McLaren 720S builds on the MA3 chassis of the smaller brothers 540 and 570 and uses the height-adjustable lowering springs in the more powerful McLaren 720S.

Wheels for McLaren 720S

The German tuner continues to show his new wheel design FORK In the current image series which perfectly fits the overall appearance of the 720S with directional wheel centers and individual central locking optics. On the one side of the vehicle the manufacturer of multi-part forged wheels has finalized the wheel design with rim stars in vehicle´s color and on the passenger side in elegant anthracite, for example, and handled the wheel rim outer beds equally.
The wheel tire sizes change during conversion to the rim models 6Sporz², F.I.W.E. or FORK front to 9.5×20 inches with 255/30/20 Pirelli and on the drive axle to 11.5×20 or 12.0×21 inches. Tuned to the use purpose of the customer’s vehicle Wheelsandmore offers forged wheels either all-around in 20 inches for permanent or sporadic use on the racetrack or in 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear for maximum optics.

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