Mercedes E63 AMG Tuning by Wheelsandmore

Tuner Wheelsandmore completes the Mercedes W213 tuning program with the estate variant of the E63 AMG  and presents with the introduction of the E63 S AMG some innovations in power upgrading due a plug-and-play tuning box and ultra concave forged wheels, providing an exclusive and innovative tuning program that is outstanding in Europe. The 4.0l bi-turbo engine has now proven successful in the AMG segment and is accepted as a powerful advancement even by the non-dying enthusiasts of the 6.3L AMG naturally aspirated engine. AMG proves that the engines consistently offer performance-enhancing potential with power outputs between 457 and 612hp.

Tuning / power upgrade for Mercedes E63 AMG and E63 S AMG

Wheelsandmore presents 3 different options to increase the performance of the currently most powerful 63 series from the AMG portfolio.

Stage I + II: Wheelsandmore generates optionally 650hp and 920nm or 680hp and 960nm out of the standard 571 / 612hp due ecu remapping with unlocked v-max.

Available from now and brand new: Tuner Wheelsandmore presents an easy-to-install plug-and-play tuning box for all 43/45/63 AMG engines.

The tuning-box unlocks the v-max as well and generates in total 712 hp and 965nm of torque with the Mercedes E63 AMG and E63 S AMG. 

Especially interesting for leased vehicles, as the box can be uninstalled at any time without a backlash and can be installed in any other Mercedes E63 AMG vehicle.

The tuning box is offered at 3.200 EURO

Suspension lowering for Mercedes E63 AMG

The standard air suspension of the Mercedes E63AMG was height adjusted in the usual and proven way by adjustable coupling bars for a perfect match with the modified wheel-tire combination.

Wheels for Mercedes E63 S AMG and E63 AMG

This is where the combined experience and expertise of Wheelsandmore is needed, as only multi-piece rims can be designed perfectly, simply and precisely for a vehicle with such different offsets. As all rims from Tuner Wheelsandmore have been tested in accordance with the required TUV reports and the manufacturer has all parts ready for delivery on stock, the production of extremely concave forged wheels is no problem for the current estate of the Mercedes E63 AMG.

The german car tuning company and wheel manufacturer mounted stately 10×21 inch F.I.W.E rims at the front axle covered with Michelin tires sizing 265/30/21 and staffed the guide axle with 11.0×21 inch wide rims of the same type and with 295/25/21 tires. Due to the wider front fenders of the Mercedes E63 AMG Wheelsandmore was able to craft a full set of F.I.W.E. wheels wearing the ultra deep concave centers, which were initially designed for the rear axles of sports- and supersportscars. In this combination the E63AMG comes super wide and brute and Wheelsandmore achieves an optics which was unknown from Europe´s wheel manufacturers so far.

Coming soon…New centerlocked wheels for Mercedes E63 S AMG and E63 AMG in 2019

2 years ago Wheelsandmore launched their F.I.W.E. wheel design wearing a center lock looking cover as the first wheel manufacturer from Germany. As now other companies follow this trend in 2018 Wheelsandmore decided to go further with the next innovation step…

See you ;-)