Mercedes G63 AMG Tuning up to 780hp by Wheelsandmore

With the international website the well known German tuning company Wheelsandmore shows their tuning projects and programs to customers outside the german speaking market.

The latest Mercedes AMG tuning conversion is a 2019 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG first edition with massive 24 inch wheels, a remote controlled valve flap exhaustsystem and a power tune up to 780hp and 1000nm of torque.

Power upgrade for Mercedes G63 AMG

As the all new G-Class 63AMG is coming as well with a downsized 4,0 turbocharged AMG engine providing 585hp and 850NM of torque Wheelsandmore used their experience with this type of engine components already obtained with the E63 AMG engine. By the use of ball beared, larger turbochargers combined with downpipes and flow optimized valve flap exhaustsystem adapted to remapped ecu the noble tuner achieves with Stage 3 tuning a total power of 780hp and 1000nm of torque. If this upgrade is too much for you the company also provides smaller tunings with 650 or 700hp.

24 inch wheels for Mercedes G63 AMG

Optically the imposing appearance of the G-Class is already fearing but with the perfect fitting G-Logic rims sizing 24 inches the tuner puts up the G63 AMG to the next level. Vredestein supplies the perfect AWD suitable tires sizing 295/30/24 and if this is not enough for your eyes there are also maximum 355/25/24 tires for 12,5×24” wheels available. The lightweight wheels fit without required body modifications and keeps the original style of the G-Class with a quite similar wheel design.

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