Mercedes GLE53 and 63 S AMG „MADMAXX“ by Wheelsandmore

Finally the first Mercedes GLE53 AMG 4 Matic+ models are available and AMG car tuner Wheelsandmore has already developed an engine power upgrade up to 510hp and released their upgrades up to 920hp for the GLE63 (S) AMG Coupe and SUV models equipped with the already known M177 DE40 AL bi-turbo charged engine.

Power upgrades for Mercedes GLE53 AMG and GLE63 AMG

When the in-line six-cylinder engine of the all new GLE53 AMG gets a relatively moderately upgrade up to 510hp and 620nm torque by an optimized software or with the additional control unit Tec-Tronic, the Stage 4 upgrade “Madmaxx” with incredible 920hp and 1150nm of torque will blast away all opponents of the Mercedes GLE63 AMG. The escalation is preceded by 3 smaller upgrades with which the performance-hungry customer can reach the maximum driving pleasure step by step.

Here is an overview of the performance improvements for the GLE63 and GLE63 S AMG:


Using software optimization or an easy-to-install plug-and-play tuning module, Wheelsandmore generates 680hp from the basic model with 571hp and 700 or 710hp in the S model with vehement 950nm of torque.
The prices for the respective upgrade is about EUR 2,100 for software optimization and EUR 2,200 for the additional electronic control unit Tec-Tronic.

Stage 2:

In addition to the customized software, the manufacturer uses throughput-optimized downpipes with sports catalysts and revised series turbochargers in exchange. These measures result in a total of 800hp engine power and maximum 1040nm of torque. The V-Max will be unlocked, so that the vehicle can theoretically drive over 320 km/h depending on the tire approval.

Price for stage 2 including assembly is about: 16,806 EURO

Stage 3:

The CPC control unit is also modified and twin scroll turbochargers as well as reinforced wastegates elicit the 4 liter capacity of 860hp, which consequently increases the transmission mechanically up to max. 1150nm.

The tuner offers stage 3 at a price of 31,092 euros including installation.

Stage 4:

Without opening the engine, increasing the displacement and working with forged components, the possibilities of a stable modification of the AMG engine ended at 920hp and also 1150nm. Responsible for the additional power of 60 horses are again modified turbochargers, which, in line with high-performance fuel pumps and the appropriate software, lead to a conversion price of EUR 42,016 to be paid at the exclusive tuner Wheelsandmore.

24 inch wheels and tires for Mercedes GLE Class V/C 167

Mercedes AMG has also recognized that customers like to drive larger wheels than they did a few years ago and optionally equips the new GLE with 22-inch sizing rims ex works. Not all AMG fans are satisfied with the mixed tires 285/40/22 and 325/35/22 and knowingly, Wheelsandmore has designed its G-Logic model, which is already known from the G63 AMG, also perfectly suitable for the GLE53 and GLE63 (S) AMG. What seemed unthinkable a few years ago now abounds on the SUV in the maximum rim sizes 10.5×24 inches with 295/30/24 and in 12.5×24 inches with 355/25/24 barrels from Vredestein.

The matching flap exhaust system and a smartphone-controlled module for lowering the air suspension are currently still under development.

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