Unveiled: Wheelsandmore presents a center lock adapter system with TÜV approval.

It took a little while – after many years Mercedes-AMG is bringing back the Black Series label – now there’s a roar in the air and a slight tremor in the ground. Booming with spoilers:

The Black Series…the most powerful AMG V8 production engine ever with 537 kW / 730 hp. Despite so much power, it’s street legal. Even at first glance, it’s obvious that AMG is talking serious business with regards to the Black Series.

Pit stops are not just perfect teamwork. Changing wheels in a few seconds – that requires high-tech equipment. Sebastian Dohmen, managing director of wheelsandmore… “we came up with an idea”…: his hard work now pays off. wheelsandmore has reinvented the wheel after years of development. The patent registration (EP 3643513) for the central locking adapter system incl. rim is in prospect!

For even more driving fun and goosebump moments: now available at wheelsandmore in Baesweiler near Aachen a dream came true for individualists who love the extraordinary: the UNDERDOCK central locking adapter system, available in many bolt circles and offsets.

Embellished by a magnetic cover with wheelsandmore logo anodized and lasered in all colors.

Now experience premium alloy wheels and a unique driving experience. Every gram saved moves the sports car a little closer to the winner’s podium.

Let yourself be carried away by the striking design and noble materials of wheelsandmore forged rims. Lightweight rims are the ultimate with regard to performance. This will significantly improve braking performance, handling and comfort. And also the consumption decreases. As a general rule, the lower the mass of unsprung components, the better the handling characteristics of a vehicle. This is particularly noticeable among drivers who prefer a dynamic, sporty driving style.

The right gear train for the Mercedes GT Black Series: wheelsandmore rims called UD-1 in the size 10×20 inches on the front axle and huge 12×20 inches on the rear axle. Additional high-performance tires from Michelin with the designation S-Cup2 in size 285 / 30-20 and 335 / 30-20 complete the whole thing.

It’s magic. The UD-1 alloy wheel: one-piece center lock forged rim, available in 20 inches to begin with. Other sizes are in preparation.

And it’s still getting better: weight per rim 20 inch (9.0 / 10.0 / 11.0 and 12.0×20) 9-12 Kg.

UNDERDOCK center lock adapter system:

  •  High strength forged aluminum
  •  Contour milled
  •  Extremely light weighted
  •  Available in different colors
  •  Central locking nut made of aluminum-magnesium alloy
  •  Locking counter screw
  •  Bolt circle adapter made of aluminum-magnesium alloy
  •  Drive pin pressed in
  •  Hub cap with magnetic lock
  •  With TÜV approval

If that’s not enough: The additional strength of exclusive forged rims can therefore significantly reduce wheel deflection in curves. This is especially important for cars with powerful engines, where large loads occur at the limit.

The high quality coating of the rims ensures high resistance in bad conditions. wheelsandmore alloy wheels are appreciated by drivers who prefer a dynamic, sporty driving style.

Advantages at a glance:

  •  When changing vehicles, only the adapter needs to be changed
  •  Time saving when changing wheels
  •  Driving behavior, acceleration and braking performance are considerably improved
  •  Weight saving
  •  Fantastic optics

Do not hesitate to ask wheelsandmore for your desired rim. Even unusual wishes are always considered in Baesweiler. Eventually, also wheelsandmore is always looking for something extraordinary. Wheelsandmore shows you how to make your dreams come true!

A dual charged V8 engine, 730 hp and a maximum torque of 800 Nm. From 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds. Top speed: 325 km/h. But wait, there’s more: if the standard 730 hp isn’t enough: wheelsandmore delivers an increase in performance by means of an additional control unit. The power increases to 789 hp and 870 Nm. The top speed climbs to an incredible 336 km / h.

A sports exhaust system is in preparation.

The brake system: for a fantastic ride: when the destination is obvious, there is no room for compromise.

These pieces of high engineering are the completion of the braking system, capable of absorbing all the forces generated during braking. The goal is to provide the rider with the most precise braking system, so that he feels exactly what is happening under his foot, and so that the braking system responds linearly and promptly to the rider’s commands.

Thanks to the new silicon infiltration technology, the increased surface hardness of the ceramic brake discs also allows the use of special brake pads with a coefficient of friction almost 50% higher (about 0.65-0.70).

The six titanium pistons are precision milled from solid and then treated with a special DLC coating to improve hardness, wear resistance and smoothness.

Hot blood, cool mind: in addition, the titanium piston plays a very important role as a thermal protector to keep the brake fluid from boiling:

The result? Quite simply: one of the lightest and most powerful braking systems!

Then the race can now begin!

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