front side view aston martin dbs superleggera in front of garage wearing 22 inch wheels from wheelsandmore tuning

Although other tuning companies are providing tuning components for the sports cars from Aston Martin, Wheelsandmore from Germany is still the first address when it comes to the refinement of all Aston Martin models since 2004. With the conversion of the current top model, a DBS Superleggera, Wheelsandmore proves once again how a tuning can combine different styles, in the end sporty discreet, yet stylistically and technically decisively improved.

Wheelsandmore, the worldwide premier tuning company of Aston Martin models presents its state-of-the-art Aston Martin New Vantage of the latest generation.With extroverted designs as well as eye-catching colors Aston Martin intends to specifically target younger buyers in the future with the new Vantage. The 155.000 Euro expensive entry-level model marks the beginning of the traditionalist critically eyed image change – inveterate Aston Martin fans are still holding back on the purchase of the new Vantage V8. The British sportscar shines not only with its usual impeccable workmanship in the interior. In particular, the implied AMG 4.0 bi-turbo engine as well as the modern chassis raise the New Vantage to a contemporary level, which the predecessor sometimes missed. Thanks to its new qualities, the smallest Aston now provides a perfect basis for the customization skills of the specialists at Wheelsandmore. With plenty of expertise and stylistically chosen style, a refinement program for more exclusivity and to sharpen the athletic attributes.