Mercedes AMG GTC Tuning up to 680hp by Wheelsandmore

Atumn in year 2019: storm is rising, nights are getting shorter and the daytime temperatures are only single-digit, sometimes even negative. Lots of bad signs to think about a relaxed, sporty ride with the latest bomb from the Affalterbach engine factory, the AMG GTC Roadster. At least if the central residence and the registration of the car was done in the northern latitudes of the world. Wheelsandmore from Baesweiler, located close to Dusseldorf, is the renowned address in the world for new programs of luxury- and supersportscars – even when the snow is falling in Germany.

Built even wider than the current Ferrari 488, the AMG GT-C is so full of supersports spirit and wants to be an acoustic and visually top notch. The AMG GT-C drives surprisingly well thanks to the active rear-wheel steering, known from the AMG GT-R.

Power upgrade for Mercedes AMG GTC

The creation Cascais by luxury tuner Wheelsandmore conjures the whole thing by finest additions befitting the diamond dust in the crown and increases the engine power of the wide AMG Roadster with additional 123hp and 140Nm of torque in the top upgrade stage III. Responsible for the power upgrade are revised turbochargers, sport catalytic converters and a high-throughput, ultra-light flap exhaust system made of Inconel 625. In this version the exhaust flaps can optionally be operated at any time by the original switch. If this upgrade is too heavy from the customer’s point of view, Wheelsandmore naturally also offers 2 more moderate power upgrades with 590 or 626hp engine power in total.

Suspension for Mercedes AMG GTC

The already mentioned positive driving behavior can be further optimized by various suspension solutions. Just to be lowered, while retaining the active features, Wheelsandmore recommends height-adjustable springs. For use on the racetrack, a coilover suspension, which is freely adjustable in rebound and compression, was developed by performance partner KW. Who doubts due to the lowering of the practicality, the tuner knows to remedy by a hydraulically adjustable solution for the front axle.

21 inch wheels for Mercedes AMG GTC

For nearly 20 years Wheelsandmore is worldwide known as specialist for handcrafted, multipart forged wheels. The ultraconcave design F.I.W.E. is perfectly fitting to the Mercedes AMG GT-C and was discreetly finished in satin black. The lightweight wheels are measuring 9.0×21 inches with 245/30/21 Michelin tires on the front and are rotating with massive 12.5×21 inches and 325/25/21 Pilot Supersport tires on the rear.