rs q8 goliath by wheelsandmore

After BMW and Mercedes Benz satisfies customers with their X5M, X6M or the AMG models of the GLE and GLS types, Audi developed a 600hp flagship SUV with plenty of steam under the hood and is stirring up the trendy market with the already known V8 bi-turbocharged engine used with the Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga. Wheelsandmore has already dealt extensively with the engine in the development of the recently introduced RS6 program and is adapting the measures almost 1: 1 to the politically sympathetic “mild hybrid”. The last power level 5 then has nothing to do with environmental awareness and blasts over 1000 hp through the completely empty exhaust system. For the TUV relevant market the upgrade is limited up to 965hp, to all others Wheelsandmore offers 1010hp inside this grenade.

fiwe wheels on audi rs6 in black in front of stairs

Almost traditionally, storywriter Markus Vreydal gives tuner Wheelsandmore’s creations interesting and witty word games. In the current project of the new Audi RS6 C8, in addition to the nomenclature, which stands for the maximum possible maximum performance, he also uses the attributes of tension and attention. Perhaps a little crazy but even crazier are the performance data of the “Attentension” with up to 1010 hp and breathtakingly beautiful rim creations.

Front side view audi r8 v10 tuning

Will the current facelift of the Audi R8 really become the last independent model from Audi or will the model live on from 2024 in cooperation with Lamborghini? Questions that Wheelsandmore did not move burning in 2019. Rather, the specialists for individual tuning of sports and super sports cars were interested in how to get the highest possible and most stable performance out of the V10 naturally aspirated engine in order to transform the R8 4S into a monster machine with the unmistakable name “Apocalypticar”.