amg gtc tuning

The creation Cascais by luxury tuner Wheelsandmore conjures the whole thing by finest additions befitting the diamond dust in the crown and increases the engine power of the wide AMG Roadster with additional 123hp and 140Nm of torque in the top upgrade stage III. Responsible for the power upgrade are revised turbochargers, sport catalytic converters and a high-throughput, ultra-light flap exhaust system made of Inconel 625. In this version the exhaust flaps can optionally be operated at any time by the original switch. If this upgrade is too heavy from the customer’s point of view, Wheelsandmore naturally also offers 2 more moderate power upgrades with 590 or 626hp engine power in total.

The latest Mercedes AMG tuning conversion is a 2019 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG first edition with massive 24 inch wheels, a remote controlled valve flap exhaustsystem and a power tune up to 780hp and 1000nm of torque.

full tuning job mercedes e63 amg

Tuner Wheelsandmore completes the Mercedes W213 tuning program with the estate variant of the E63 AMG and presents with the introduction of the E63 S AMG some innovations in power upgrading due a plug-and-play tuning box and ultra concave forged wheels, providing an exclusive and innovative tuning program that is outstanding in Europe. The 4.0l bi-turbo engine has now proven successful in the AMG segment and is accepted as a powerful advancement even by the non-dying enthusiasts of the 6.3L AMG naturally aspirated engine. AMG proves that the engines consistently offer performance-enhancing potential with power outputs between 457 and 612hp.